Are You Selling the Right Way?

     Your approach to sales and how your marketing team tries to turn pitches into customers are as unique as your business. You did your trial runs, analyzed the data month after month, and came up with your game plan. But, are the tactics and persuasive methods you’re employing in your company the best you can use? Today, we will look at some different persuasion techniques in sales and how each one could benefit your business. 


    Selling a product or service is another term for persuading someone’s opinion of a good semi-align with yours. You want your customers to see your product or service in a way similar to yours. Your methods and how you sell your product or service are how you make that happen. Let’s break down some of the different forms of persuasion.


It’s Not All in the Head or the Heart. 

    When trying to inspire a sale, it’s just as important to use logic as it is emotion for persuading your customers. You can’t just throw a bunch of facts and numbers at a client the same way. But, on the other hand, you can’t just spout off an entirely emotional appeal to gain customer attention. So you have to find a balance between them and employ the one that works best for your audience more emphatically. 


Consider the Elephant in the Meeting.

    If your team is brainstorming ideas for sales tactics, remember to leave an ‘empty chair’ around that conference table where your customer would sit and react to what you decide. How your customer will respond to your efforts is so important that you almost need to pitch the sale to them as if you designed this approach specifically for them. 


Be a ‘Waiter’ for Your Customers. 

    At the end of the day, your primary goal as a seller is to serve your customers’ needs, tell you what they want, and to the best of your ability, you deliver. When you’re engaging with your customers, use this persuasion technique by embracing the notion that you are there to help the customer with anything they may need. Make your customer see that the sales process will be more engaging and supported than your competitors with you.  

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Make Your Message Clear.

    The best way to persuade your customer is to be as straightforward as possible and make sure your message resonates with them. In the past, the seller used to have more information about product details than the customer. Still, now that available data is on equal playing fields, it’s more important than ever to be clear and impactful with your efforts. 

      In his MasterClass about sales and persuasion, bestselling author Daniel Pink gave this example. 

    “In the olden days of sales, a salesman would say, ‘It looks like you’re in the market for a vacuum,’ nowadays the salesman would say, ‘Tell me about your house.’” 

    This example highlights how changing the exchange of information can be way more effective than just acknowledging a problem and solution. 

   There are many ways to effectively persuade your audience and communicate with prospects to turn them into customers. Your efforts will ultimately depend on which tactic will be the best way to engage your audience and how well your company employs these techniques. 

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