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Have you ever looked at a funny video on YouTube or a meme on Facebook representing a business and wished you could do something like that? Well, you can, and it is way easier than you’re probably thinking. It doesn’t take a master with Photoshop or some genius with a tripod to generate high-quality content to be used for your company’s social media presence.

Having the skill to create entertaining content to snag new customers and maintain their interest, regardless of the platform, is easily obtained and can be used for any purpose.

Here’s how to create quality content on different sites.

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Video editing is not a difficult task, and it’s OK to create less elaborate content when you’re starting because the quality of the video itself is what matters. Begin by making short and entertaining videos that uniquely introduce you and your company, and audiences will build up over time as your content evolves.

Several tools will help you edit videos for your YouTube channel, and these will help you learn how to create content efficiently. Here are three of the best video editing tools as of 2021, according to Cyberlink.

  • Power Director 365

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • DaVinci Resolve

They did leave out one of our production team's favorites Hitfilm Express, but we'll forgive them!

The most important thing to remember when creating video content is to have fun and be yourself. It’s not just your business that is represented by your content. You are too.



Canva, in particular, is a graphic design tool with what’s called a ‘drag and drop’ format and gives you access to thousands of images and graphics which you can use for your unique content. The content you create using this program can be posted on any social media platform you have and can even help you repurpose previous content for new platforms.

Graphic design is a massive part of creating quality online content, and there are many different programs out there with their formats of what you can make. You could use many other programs to generate content for your social media that utilize different formats, and you can decide for yourself which one is the best option.

Here’s a video tutorial for how to get started with Canva from Ziova, who also makes a bunch of great tutorials about a variety of other software.



Several tools will help you create video ads for social media platforms, and some of these are explicitly partnered to yield the best results from specific apps. Vimeo is a video ad creation tool for Instagram. You have probably seen the fruits of this app’s efforts while scrolling through the news feed on your Instagram pages. This tool can help you create video ads for a target audience on this particular platform.

Here’s a quick video by Paul Nicholson on how you can use it and how it can help you on other social media sites.


The tools and programs are available to help you develop online content for any social media platform range from any content and purpose of the materials. Take some time, consider what you want to use to promote your business, and see how you can get started.

Remember, everything is easier than you probably think it is; do what you feel is your best content and work as hard as you can at it! Have fun with it, and everything else will fall into place later.

If you aren't sure your company can create great content be sure to check out this article, we prove that any business can create great content!

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