Do Colors Really Change How People Think About Your Brand?

     I have been trying to develop the best design for my company’s logo, and I have hit a wall. I have no idea what colors I should use to design or be static and use black and white. Then, I began to wonder if colors actually make a difference in getting a customer’s attention and keeping it. I decided to research the effect color has on business brands and determine which direction would best take my own branding.

   There were many statistics with this question, and the consensus from my research was ‘yes.’ Color plays a massive part in how customers recognize and engage with your brand.

   One item I came across said that unique colors are responsible for brand recognition almost 85% of the time. That stuck out to me the most because when someone uses a unique color combination, we associate it with the brand, even if we’re talking about something else.


     Here’s an example, if you think of the colors red and yellow, what is the first thing you think of? McDonald’s. They managed to get the cornerstone of the red and yellow stigma and made themselves one of the most recognizable logos. But I don’t know if that’s because of the psychological effect of color or what we’ve taught people to believe culturally since that color combination can represent other things like Iron Man or the primary color wheel.

   Even as I started researching, what I found didn’t seem to be convincing me that choosing specific colors for my business would make any real difference. But I tried to be open-minded as I looked at other stats and read through articles discussing my question. One article I came across was written by a graphic designer who created logos for companies and what they try to teach their clients about the importance of color.

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     This article was interesting to read and seemed to cover many of the things that kept me skeptical about this whole thing, and I began to wonder if there might be something to the idea as I read through.


   After all, when creating your brand and how it is represented, you intend to capture your audience’s attention. It’s more about them and what they think of the color choice than it will ever be about you. This was a pause for me as I realized it doesn’t matter what I think of my brand’s coloring. It matters what my customers will feel about it and if it will leave an impression on them.

     Colors can make people feel a certain way about your brand, so research shows it is essential to associate your brand with feelings you want to invoke in your customer’s mind. I don’t know how I feel about colors and branding, but I think there is an avenue of attention paid to increase the interaction between your business and your customers.

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