How You Can Hire Better

Is hiring a new employee one of the most stressful and lengthy processes you’ve ever done?

     If you answered “yes,” then you are not alone; no one likes having to go through the process of looking for new talent for their company.

     The piles of resumés and applications can be extremely overwhelming, especially when more than one applicant is well-equipped for the job. However, the opposite problem can also be true when most applicants are entry-level and don’t have the necessary skills for the job. Sorting through the mess of profiles and choosing the right candidate is very important, and there are several tips designed to help you make that decision.

     Your company and your expectations as an employer will be slightly different from others, but the basics of what is needed from applicants are similar enough to create a list of suggestions that can improve your hiring skills.

   Hiring the wrong employee for your company can end up being very harmful to your company’s success. Still, when you find the right one, they will improve work productivity and positively impact the work environment.

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Here are some of the ways you can make sure you can find suitable candidates.

  • Know Exactly What it is You’re Looking For. Having a clear and precise job description attached to your posting will help candidates understand what you expect for the position more clearly. Using a checklist and making sure you are defining the job's responsibilities before reviewing applications will help narrow down the candidate field.

  • Review the Applicants and Their Credentials Carefully. When it’s time to review the surplus of applications and try to weed out some of the less qualified candidates, make sure that everything you said you wanted is listed in their application. If they don’t match up to what you need, then move on to the next.

  • Get Other People Involved. Once you have your smaller pool of applicants and want to start checking their fit as a potential employee, have others assist. Make sure to check their references and perform background checks to see if they would be a valuable member of your team. Ask other employees in your company to help you compile the best interview questions and review the applications.


   When you’re looking for the best candidate, it is also important to present yourself as the best employer, and as a company they’ll want to work for. Here’s how:

  • Avoid Standard Interview Questions. Be creative and challenging with your questions, and add some small talk when possible to make the atmosphere feel more relaxed.

  • Build Rapport with the Candidates Throughout the Hiring Process. Make connections with the candidates; even if they don’t end up being the final choice, their expertise may prove helpful in future positions, and your company could benefit from the connection of where they do end up.

  • Get Out from Behind the Desk. Allow yourself to see how a candidate carries themselves in a workspace and allow the candidate to know how you behave as an employer and supervisor. Stepping away from the formal desk setting also puts both the interviewer and interviewee at ease while you learn more about one another.

     Your efforts and the candidates' determination to get the job will help make the hiring process smoother and more productive. As an employer, do your best to make the positions you are sponsoring as straightforward as possible so that the candidates you receive will be better suited for further review.

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