You should be using Call-Only Ads

Do you think you’re using the best type of ad campaign for your business?

     Advertisements are an excellent tool for bringing in new customers, and when they’re used effectively, ads can provide a constant flow of new customers. Specifically, a Google Ads feature where the ad only exists to make clients call a company to find out more about its products or services. Call-only ads are a helpful tool for any marketing and client attraction you may want for your business.

     Call-only ads or phone ads serve the single purpose of getting potential customers to call your company; because of this, they can only appear on devices that make phone calls. Smartphones, tablets that can make conference calls, etc. They are programmed to appear in search engines like Google the same as other standard search network ads. Google Ads are programmed to optimize their listings when used in their searches with their analytics, so your use of these ads can help generate new customers.

    The call-only ad works similarly to a standard ad, where the text includes a hyperlink. But instead of taking potential customers to a destination URL, the ad generates a destination phone number. The number allows your potential client to be connected directly to your company’s phone line when they click on the ad. The charges work the same as standard ad copy, where you are only charged if someone clicks on the ad and uses the destination phone number.

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   There are several campaigns where ads on Google can be effective in marketing for your business.

  • Search Campaigns. These are designed to show up when your ad shows up in a search for what your company offers.

  • Shopping campaigns. These ads are designed to showcase your inventory online and locally if you have a physical store space.

   These ads are purposed for inspiring customer curiosity for your business and what you have to offer; call-only ads are intended to make customers call your company directly to learn more about what your business does. An article by AdEspresso stated, “According to Google, 70% of mobile searches today result in a phone call to a business.

   The advertisements on Google are meant to catch customers' attention searching for items or businesses that offer a product or service to meet their needs. Calling your company directly helps generate continued interest with customers and establish a connection between your business and your customers.

   It’s important to have your business be easily accessible with mobile searches, especially today, where most of the online traffic for business and product searches occur. Having advertisements for your company that are automatically programmed to appear high up on the search engine result list; and allow for immediate connection to your company will help in customer attraction immensely.

Call-only ads work, and can help your business attract attention in crowded spaces. We say give them a try, the results may surprise you!

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