Let's Go to the Movies: Video Content

We've touched base on the importance of content in our content marketing bug. Through these blogs, we're teaching you about different types of content marketing strategies you can utilize for your business. In our previous blog, we talked about writing content through blogs/articles. Now, we're going to shift gears and talk about another form of content marketing: video marketing.

As we pointed out in our previous post, video is king in the content world. According to the independent marketing firm Wyzowl's analysis of marketing trends from 2015 to the present, 86% of businesses surveyed in 2022 used video content to market their products. Moreover, 81% of businesses claimed that video marketing helped increase overall sales. 




In other words, video content is a good investment. Great! But how do you get started?


The What and How of Video Content

Wyzowl points out that most businesses who use video content do so using in-house resources. If you don't have a dedicated marketing team (or a dedicated video team within your marketing department) that doesn't mean that you can't capitalize on video marketing. It does mean that you will have to do some digging to find a team of competent producers. 


There are a variety of resources businesses can use to find contract marketers. There are, of course, well-known services like Linkedin and Indeed. In addition, there are also more specialized venues you can use to recruit marketing contractors, like Upwork, MarketerHire, and Hire a Marketer. We would also recommend reaching out to your local network to see if anyone else in your sector could recommend someone locally. 


Next, you'll need to figure out what kind of video you'll want to make. There are all kinds of different video options out there, but some forms of video marketing have demonstrated greater ROI than others. Explainer videos are at the top of the list. Explainer videos demonstrate how to use, repair, or troubleshoot a product. 


If you think about it, you can probably remember a time you rushed to YouTube to find a video explaining how to, say, stop a leaky faucet or properly mount a large photo frame on the wall. As such, explainer videos are not only a good marketing tool but also a great support tool for customers who already own your products. 


Other kinds of video content include targeted ads on social media, presentations on a product's features, and interview testimonials from happy customers. 


Reaching your Audience

According to Wyzowl, YouTube and LinkedIn are the top venues for video content. Other social media platforms aren't far behind. Compared with advertisements on older media like TV and movies, advertising on social media is cheap and accessible. 


Different channels cater to different demographics, though. So, you'll need to consider who your ideal customer is before sending out content.


Finally, when it comes to video content on the internet, one of the key strategies that bears repeating is that consistency is key. Producing content regularly will build out your brand and raise your SEO. 

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