Organically Grow on Social Media Today!

    Do you know to grow a more organic audience? Audience, not tomatoes or some other food in your home garden, but followers on your social media pages. Yes? No? Whichever one you answered, we are going to share some tips for developing a larger organic audience on several platforms that you can start using right now!

    Several platforms operate with similar features, so a few tips will apply to multiple accounts, such as following other people immediately, posting consistently, and sharing others' content. But let’s take a look at some individual platform tips for growing your audience. 

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  • Create engaging content like unique photos and videos to capture the attention of users on Instagram. 
  • Gather a list of accounts in your niche with content related to yours, so you can find a broader audience to speak to. 
  • Comment and like posts from competitor’s followers to show followers that you pay attention to what they have to say.


  • Invite people you are already friends with on Facebook to like your page and pace the number of people you invite at a time, so you don’t get blocked by Facebook. 
  • Give Facebook Live a go, and see what or who you can bring on board with you to drum up content. 
  • Partner with an influencer by finding and connecting with a niche fan page to reach your ideal audience. 


  • Make it a habit to retweet content that you can endorse and to reply to followers who respond to your content. 
  • Monitor hashtags and content and topics that are currently trending so you can better shape your content. 
  • Promote your Twitter handle by creating an eye-catching profile with relevant images and an attractive header image.


  • Optimize your company website for social interaction by sharing icons and links to your company’s page on your website. 
  • Embrace employee advocacy by utilizing your employee network to grow your following quicker. 
  • Utilize thought leadership by following other businesses and influencers in your niche to learn about content trends and anticipate follower responses. 


  • Come up with a theme for your channel, and being specific will help you streamline your content development efforts.
  • Find relevant keywords for YouTube’s SEO analytics to use in your title and video description.
  • Engage your viewers by creating personalized videos and not generic ones, so viewers will be motivated to click on your content. 


   Use your platform’s tips and tricks to improve your audience and get real followers who will help you grow your brand.

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