Posting on Memorial Day: dos and don'ts

     Memorial Day is here, which means that outdoor activities will finally be open, and the summer season will receive its official kickoff. Businesses also take advantage of the holiday for marketing and social media reach with their customers. However, it’s very important to be respectful when mentioning this holiday on your social media. Today, we will be going over the dos and don’ts of Memorial Day posts for businesses. 

    Whether you are a veteran or not, we can all appreciate the significance of this holiday and acknowledge the importance of the people who take Memorial Day’s meaning to heart. Let’s start with what you should never do again on your social media when posting about a holiday.

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Oh No!

  • Do not post content that blends your business with the military service or veteran sacrifice. This will can come across as insensitive and can be construed as highly inappropriate. Here’s an example of a tweet in 2014:


     If you must mention your brand, put the post’s focus on families or patrons and avoid mentioning the military. Or, if choosing to mention the military, then don’t mention your brand at all. It’s one or the other. 

  • Don’t say, “Happy Memorial Day.” This may seem like an odd thing to avoid, but you shouldn’t dismiss this one! It sounds silly, including ‘happy,’ which implies a joyous tone that some may find offensive. 

     Instead, say things like “ I/We hope you have a nice/great Memorial Day” or “Have a great day!” things that are generic and show an emotional outreach are better received by audiences. 


Yes, Please!

  • Be generic in your wording when mentioning the holiday. Symbols and images that aren’t political but patriotic are the safest way to go. For example, the American flag or the Statue of Liberty. Like this one: 
  • Thank and recognize the members of the military. You can even add a human touch to your social media if you have any currently serving or veteran employees by including their photos in your post. 
  • You can include your brand by mentioning the start of the summer season and including outdoor activities. But remember, if you go this route, don’t mention the military in the same post! Here’s an example of an appropriate brand representation: 


    Your social media posts on holidays can significantly impact your customers, so you want to make sure you’re respectful and positive about your messages!

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