Should my business use Reddit?

   If you’re like me, you have no idea what Reddit is or what it’s actually used for. It’s definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a business’s social media presence. But that is precisely what we are going to delve into with this closer look at how Reddit isn’t used to its full potential and why it should be.


   What is Reddit anyway?

     This is a good question, especially if it’s not something you find yourself using for social interaction or any kind of promotion. I didn’t know the particulars, but I thought it had fizzled out. But boy, was that ever wrong. It is still a very active forum for people and businesses to connect and share content.

    A good way to think of it is a bulletin board where users can create content such as photos and videos, respond to other user's posts, and businesses can strategically place ads within their upload feeds. Anything you could think of has a subreddit and related chains where you could learn more about what you’re looking for.

   For example, you could type in “Vitamin Water,” and you will get a subreddit about fasting; you never know what you’ll find on there. On Reddit, businesses can see what actual customers think of their products and any competitors in the same market niche through the discussion boards. Reddit allows you to see how potential customers react to different content and what ad campaigns are considered popular worldwide.

When searching for sample topics to use as research, be as specific as you want or be broad. Anybody could type in anything and see what’s connected in subreddits, especially business owners looking for a marketing edge.

Take a look at the sample subreddit chain below.


How do I Utilize Reddit Properly?

     Another excellent question because very few businesses use Reddit, and the majority who do aren’t always using it correctly to connect with customers. The point of your content is to generate interest in your profile and kickstart conversations between users, but you can also sneak in promos for your company that will create interest.

       Dedicated users will join communities to conduct conversations within the subreddits rather than just entertaining content. By finding the right audience through subreddits, you can target your ads and content more precisely and use keywords to help you appear higher on a list until you receive up-votes. Once you know where you fit in, the data you gather from how potential audiences respond to your content will help inform how you move forward and grow.

   Reddit is a discussion site where users can interact with text chains and exchange information on any topic or related products. Users can either vote up or down content. The posts with more up-votes will appear higher on the Reddit chain. Essentially, it’s a social bookmarking website with more than 170 million unique visitors each month worldwide, where you can share photos, videos, and links to other websites as a means of promotion and public sharing.

     The site supports two different kinds of ads sponsored content and self-serve advertisements, both of which can be used within the subreddit discussions and posts on a user’s profile. This is why it’s great for businesses to use when they want to use creative content to reach a broader audience.

Look at these two posts, one is a promotion, and the other is a meme. Can you spot the difference?


Why Should I Use Reddit for my Business?

   You’re probably saying to yourself, “Yeah, that’s fun and all, but what would I get out of it?” and that’s valid. Why waste time on something if you don’t believe it’ll work for you? But guess what, it will. By becoming part of the Reddit community and putting your company’s name and specialty out there, you will grow as you connect with similar businesses and like-minded people.

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   Reddit is a community of people who talk and share information and entertaining ideas to answer questions and problems they have in life. Suppose you can creatively present your business as a fun and effective answer to an issue introduced on Reddit. In that case, you will appeal to an even bigger audience than before. Reddit is an excellent place for businesses unfamiliar with social media content to get started, which we explain in another article. Check out Reddit and see what role you and your company can play in this interactive digital hub.


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