Taking great product pictures on a budget

 When you want to sell something online, it’s all about the aesthetic. The product has to look inviting and intriguing to the customer, and photography equipment can quickly become expensive but no need to fuss or run out and buy a fancy tripod set up. We will discuss some easy tips for taking great product pictures for your e-commerce site on a tight budget. 


      Product pictures can range in many aspects, especially with specific items and their intended environment. For some products displaying them in an example, the setting can make the product look more appealing than a solid white background. 


     Consider how a customer might want to see the product. If you're going to use a white backdrop, then use sheets of paper, or if it sits on a coffee table, then use your own! Being creative with your images does not have to break your company piggy bank. 

Type of Camera.

        You might think that you will need top-of-the-line photography gear to take professional-looking product pictures, but that is not true. Repeat: don’t spend $1000 on camera equipment! There’s a much easier and cheaper way to take amazing photographs for your e-commerce site. Use your point-and-shoot camera.

      Yes, you read that right. Any camera can be effectively used to take great product pictures, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a brand-name camera or your phone camera. If you can shoot pictures on manual and make adjustments to the display, it will work perfectly. A brand-name camera will allow you to get some of the editing done and save you time, but your camera of choice will depend on what you want to prioritize with your images.   

Technical Aspects.

      There will always be some prep work and planning involved with photography to make sure your pictures look the way you want them to. Some trial and error are to be expected in this process. 

     The lighting, for example, is super important because no one is going to buy the product if they can’t see it. Make sure you have plenty of light and that you are watching out for casting shadows when taking the picture, or else it will be harder for your customer to focus on the product itself. 

     Additional equipment like a tripod could be handy or stand where the camera will be held still and make the pictures come out crystal clear. These can range in price, but there are less expensive options for you to choose from if you want to acquire one. 


     Angling of the picture itself is important because let’s face it. We all know we have a ‘good side’ and your products are no different; there are certain angles where they will look better. So try taking your camera and walking in a circle around the product and change the height of the angle to see which sides will make for the best pictures. 

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      Your products are the star of your e-commerce site so make sure you are doing all you can to give them their well-deserved close-ups in a way that fits with your budget. For more ideas on how to take great product pictures, read here.

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