Tips for getting great reviews for ecommerce

 How often do you go onto an e-commerce site and immediately look for user reviews? We guess that you would want to know if other businesses and customers are happy with their service most of the time. You probably have something similar for your site, and we are going to go over some tips and tricks for getting rave reviews from your customers. 

Website Design.

     Customers are glad to leave their thoughts on products, so you want to make sure your e-commerce site is designed to give them the opportunity. Create spaces under product descriptions on your site where previous customers can rate it and tell others what they liked about it. They’ll do the same for your site if you give them the chance to praise your e-commerce site to other customers. 

    Even if you don’t have enough products on your site to warrant a review section under each one, create a separate space on your site for reviews on any of the products you offer. 

Ask for Them. 

      Yes, you can ask your customers to review recently purchased products from your site by emailing them a survey for them to fill out. If your customer is pleased with the product, they bought from you; they will be happy to help your customer engagement by sharing their opinions with others. 

    You could even encourage responses from them by giving them the incentive to fill out the surveys and questionnaires with rewards and discounts. You might be surprised to hear that customers are more than willing to share their thoughts with you if you show them you want to listen to them. 

     There’s also a science behind when you should be asking your customers for review. We know we sound crazy but pay attention anyway. Data has shown that customer responses jump by nearly 20% between the hours of 1-3 on weekdays, most likely because around this time, people are just getting back from lunch and are checking emails to avoid jumping into work. 

      Something else to consider when sending emails to your customers.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.

     This is a tip we have stressed before, but it is worth your while to make your e-commerce site available and functional on mobile devices. Users are using mobile devices for online searches and email response more and more these days, so if you are available, they will visit and respond to your site more often. 

     You want your customers to be accessible and responsive wherever they are, so by taking steps to make your e-commerce site more accessible; you are engaging your customer and helping them help you!

See Our E-commerce

    You can take a look at some other tips for getting customer reviews here

    Your customers are your most significant resource, and they are the best advertising you can ask for. If you are doing all you can to provide them with the opportunity to rate your e-commerce site and products, they will help you in so many ways you’ll never be able to thank them properly. 

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