What the heck is Clubhouse?

      We want to talk about Clubhouse and not the old community fort or treehouse you played in as a kid. The audio-chat app was released into the market in April 2020 for reasons that will become clearer in a moment. This new application creates an audio discussion space, similar to Twitter Spaces which we've talked about previously, that is only accessible if the chat’s overseer wants you to join in.

   Now we know what you’re thinking, “It was released a year ago, and they’re just talking about it now?” Yes, we are because this audio-chat app which was designed for iPhone and iOS is still a relevant and helpful tool for business owners moving forward. But don’t worry Android users, your app’s release was announced in March 2021.

The app has even been used by celebrities such as Oprah, Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, and Drake as it gained popularity, but good luck getting an invite to their chat rooms. Celebrities such as these would use Clubhouse for the presumably ‘elite clientele’ using it, as well as hosting chat rooms where individuals could listen to and even participate in discussions with famous people.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Clubhouse?

The app Clubhouse is a social media audio-only app that began with only a few thousand tech workers and capitalists in venture trying to stay connected and informed during the pandemic. The app was designed to be exclusive so that only certain users could partake in a given chat. But it has grown to now include millions of users, all taking advantage of the app’s chatroom-style without the hassle of outside voices throwing in unsolicited thoughts about the topic of discussion.

The audio chat rooms are divided into two groups of participants, the speakers, and the listeners. Everyone in the chat can see who is participating, and the room sizes can range well into the thousands. A moderator overlooks the chat room’s operation, and they can let someone join in the conversation or remove them from the chat room. The topics of these ‘clubs’ can also allow participants to create their own spaces.

How Can it Help Businesses?

Business owners and different market members used these ‘clubs’ to stay in touch with one another when the world went into lockdown. With the future of in-person meetings becoming less likely, discussion hubs like this allow large numbers of people from different specialties to join in on a conversation like a company meeting have all its members participate.

Suppose you have a business set up where your employees can help solve an issue in different departments, and you want them to all work together. In that case, Clubhouse allows you to control the conversation and keep all your members together. As businesses move forward with adapting to new work conditions and accessibility, Clubhouse is an excellent app for keeping your company on top of its game.

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Clubhouse is a unique chat room where participants aren’t following a text chain and typing fast enough to get their ideas out in the open. The audio-only setup allows the participants to break up into discussion groups and deal with the other club or department members to address the chat room’s topic. The app continues to be an excellent option for businesses and market niches to use to stay in contact with one another.

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