Wasted Time, AI and Remote Estimates

Hey! Do you struggle with work efficiency? Not sure how you can run your business with fewer time strains and reduced stress levels?

   We discussed the idea of time management on our web show What's Trending? the issues that business owners and employees have with it that prevent success, and what you can do to fix your own.

Here are some interesting statistics we found:

  • When surveyed, business owners revealed they waste nearly a third of their workweek on low-value activities.
  • 46% of stress that US employees reported was linked to an overwhelming workload.
  • Almost 80% of an average workday is wasted on tasks with little or nothing to do with project completion.

 That is crazy to think about. When you break down everything you have to do in a week, how many things impact your job? It’s funny to think about how we are always complaining about time at work, yet we spend most of our time doing minor tasks.

     Many products and services are available to businesses today designed to help with companies' time and efficacy. We discussed these application possibilities and what using these kinds of tools in the workplace could do for you.

This technology could save time for employees and business owners by automatically syncing schedules and meeting times. Not that anyone wants a robot telling them what to do; however, AI-powered scheduling can help companies better manage the time they would have spent setting up meetings.

  • Online Booking. Businesses can use online booking software which we discuss in another article to help them not use up time during their workday speaking to clients and customers to find a time where both parties are available for an appointment.

Many businesses like doctors’ offices began using online booking software to better keep up with the social distancing constraints of COVID-19. Nearly 76% of clients use a mobile device for scheduling appointments on a company’s online booking platform, and social media pages have become an increasingly popular way of finding online booking pages for businesses.

We discuss several options for online booking services in the live stream.

  • Make Your Company Contactless. With the social distancing COVID-19 brought to companies and their abilities to operate remotely, many businesses found new paths to connectivity and time management.

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There was less time needed to arrive at work on time or waste mornings stuck in gridlock with remote workspaces, and employees had more flexibility in their schedules for projects and meetings. Our company is entirely remote, allowing for a more relaxed workday without losing the immediate response of coworkers.

   A business's efficiency and its members' ability to use their time effectively depends heavily on what is needed for each part of the company and how it works together. Check out our live stream for more information about time management affects businesses and what our company thinks about how we manage time in our work weeks.

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