Your Business Can Create Content!

   “I want to use social media to get new customers, but I don’t think it’ll work for me.”

     Have you ever heard those words or thought something along those lines? It’s common to think that social media only works for certain businesses, but that’s not true. When done right, social media can help any business get more traffic and attract new customers.

     We’re going to take a look at some businesses that you would never believe have successful social media campaigns and use their creativity to attract bigger audiences.

   We bet there are a lot of business owners like you that could do great things with social media content but are choosing not to because you don’t think it will help you appeal to a broader target audience. Digital content designed to promote public interest in a business is going to be one of the best things you’ll do to market, and we’re going to explain why.

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   Social media is very easy to use, and the creativity it inspires is so much fun to use once you get started. No more of those “I can’t use social media” complaints. Everyone can use social media for their business, even you!

   Let’s take a look at some examples of different businesses that use social media content to promote their business and connect with their customers. Some of which you probably wouldn’t think of on your own.

     Plumbing. Yes, you are reading that correctly. There is a plumber Roger Wakefield, who promotes his expertise on YouTube with funny and unique video content to capture and maintain new customer flow. “The Expert Plumber,” as he has dubbed himself for his channel, shows people how to understand their plumbing system better.


The content ranges from DIY step-by-steps for fixing a running toilet to watching a real plumber react to plumbing ‘nightmares’. These videos' whole point is to engage viewers with entertaining ideas and keep them coming back for fun new content each week. If you want to see how this plumber has created a social media name for themselves, check out more of his channel here.

   Another example of a fun and innovative YouTube channel is a construction company. This is probably not what you were expecting to read either. How does a construction business owner create a YouTube channel without defeating its purpose or just showing you how to build model houses? NS Builders is a channel that talks about different construction projects around your home, but the content is not entirely polished.


   The man behind the channel doesn’t edit out his commentary, making the videos feel more conversational as if you were there doing this project with him. If you want to see why a channel that talks about home improvement like an ‘average joe,’ then take a look.


   Social media can take on all kinds of engaging and creative avenues, and it’s just a matter of what fits your brand best and what you can come up with. It doesn’t matter if it's YouTube, Instagram promotions, Reddit chains, or Facebook Live Q&As. The content you create is strictly your idea of best connecting with your audience and showing them who you are as a company.

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