Are Travel Businesses Ready for Normal?

     We know how restrained and ill-advised travel was this past year. Now, with restrictions on travel and gathering sizes lifting, the question is being raised on how prepared these industries are for the sudden shift back to normal operations. Especially with the Fourth of July coming up this weekend. So today, we will look at how travel and leisure industries have stayed in business and how they’re addressing the reintroduction of the public. 


What a Slow Year. 

    We want to start by giving a massive hand to businesses and establishments in these industries that survived such a crazy year and all the regulations being thrown at them. You all had a tall order to fill, especially with lower capacities and sales. But, you should all be very proud of your efforts. 

    With travel and leisure exploits at an all-time low, the businesses in these areas had to make massive changes to stay afloat. When things began to open up, these businesses had an opportunity to wet their feet with new operating protocols. Sanitization and proper safety requirements for patrons in all markets took time and effort to complete, and lowered capacity provided a great experiment for how well these routines were received. 


  • Cleaning public spaces on their properties more frequently.
  • Limiting cross-contamination in public areas.
  • Requiring facial coverings for both patrons and staff members.

Leisure Activities:

  • Limiting the number of people in waiting lines to promote distancing.
  • Sanitizing equipment and rides between uses.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and washing stations for patrons.
  • Requiring facial coverings when interacting with other patrons and staff.


     These practices have become relaxed as regulations pulled back. Now, these establishments and companies have to prepare for full capacity once again. 


What Will Happen Now?

    Since many restrictions varied from state to state, several industries that should be operating in full swing during the summer months have experienced staggering reopening dates. Different businesses and services have experienced surprising ease towards operating at total capacity, some more than others. 

     For example, suppose you’re a business that rents recreational water activities like kayaks or jet skis. In that case, you’re not going to stress about facial coverings, but you’ll still clean the equipment between uses. Likewise, run a resort or hospitality business in a popular tourist town. You may ask guests to wear a facial covering when checking in, but you won’t rush to disinfect the lobby furniture every time a person gets up. 

    Businesses are eager to get back to work and open their doors to the masses. For many businesses, this is their time to shine. Now that they’re allowed to, many workers in these businesses are clapping their hands in excitement. After all this time evaluating the best time to reopen things to capacity, many business owners and patrons are ready to dive back into their favorite summer plans while monitoring the safety of their practices.


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     We all missed traveling to our favorite summer spots and spending time with others, and now our time is finally here. Travel and leisure industries took this time to prepare for their return to normal operations and now stand ready and waiting for the world to join them. 

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