Top 5 Product Page Practices to Attract Customers.

   “Is there something wrong with my product page?” This is a question you may be asking yourself if you have many visitors to your page but few sales. 


        Everyone wants a product or service they’re selling to do well, including us at the Web and Marketing Bureau. As an entrepreneur or a marketer, you want to put your best foot forward and appeal to your customer’s interests. But, do you really know what will influence customers to purchase your products or services? Today, we will break down the five product page practices to help your customers decide to buy from you. 

     Something to keep in mind as you read, customers in different industries will have varying opinions about what matters most to them. Doing the same thing as another company will not guarantee you the same level of success. You should work with the other decision-makers in your company to take these ideas and form the best plan for your business and your audience. 


    That said, let’s examine the five things on your product page that will draw in customers.


1. Quality Photos and Videos. 

 As with any online business, customers will use the images provided or the demonstration videos for the product or service as their guiding factor. Since your customer cannot feel, examine, and experience your products or services before buying, the only frame of reference they have is what they can see. We previously wrote about how you can take great product pictures

The quality of your product pictures or service videos will greatly impact whether a customer will consider your business worth checking out. Here’s an example to give you an idea of how a quality product photo looks.  See the difference?


2. Description of the Benefits.

This is very important because how you describe and promote your product or service is what will set you apart from the competition. Craft a few sentences or a short paragraph detailing the product entirely and simply. Communicate to the customer what makes your product the best choice for their needs. If your product doesn’t have a knock-out description and your competitor does, who do you think the customer will pick?

3. Exciting and Clear Features.

Your customer needs to have a clear understanding of what they are buying. The description describes the purpose of the product or service; the features are its makeup: the ingredients, variations in physical size and color for products, different service periods, and levels. 

Suppose purchasing ethically made clothing is important to the customer. In that case, this is where you would list that key feature. Or, if a service is available under a specific budget, the customer can learn more in this section. 

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4. Customer Reviews. 

Another influencer in a customer’s purchasing decision is reading reviews from customers that have bought the same product or service. If you can show your customers that others purchased this ware, it gives you credibility. Having the transparency of customer reviews is another good way to build customer relationships since it shows that your customers' opinions are essential. If you’re not sure how to encourage customer reviews, we’ve talked about it! 


5. Cost.

The last thing customers look at on your product page is the pricing. That should come as no surprise to anyone. However, suppose you have your product or service priced too high without a credible name and loyalty attached to your business. In that case, customers will try and find something similar for less money. 

However, the opposite is also problematic. If you have a high-quality product or service and are priced way lower than your competitors, this may cause customers to be wary of you. Try to find a price point in the middle of your market niche. 

     Each business's methods and practices to best promote its products and services will constantly change as its audiences and production grow. Using these five ideas for a product page as your building blocks will help guide your sales tactics as your company moves forward.

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