These 6 tips will change how you email

We’ve all spent time erasing ad campaigns from our inboxes and got excited over special promotions you receive as a rewards member for a store. That is email marketing, and since everyone has an idea of what that means, we won’t go overboard on explaining it. 

     However, as a business owner, do you know how to improve your email marketing strategies? Let’s take a look at what email marketing is and some tips for improving your efforts in email marketing. 

     A quick definition of email marketing: it uses emails to promote the product or service of a company or make connections with customers.

      Now let’s move on to what you want to read about, the top email marketing tips. 

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Create a subject line that stands out.

    This is a big one. You cannot neglect your subject line because it’s the first thing your customer will read, and if it doesn’t grab their attention, they won’t open the email. Be creative, be active, and be yourself when crafting your subject lines. 

Use A/B testing.

     Also known as split-testing, this is a method for creating two versions of the same email and seeing which is more effective. This particular strategy is a must for anyone trying to increase online traffic from customers and potential customers. Try it out and see what you learn. 

Be as simple as possible.

      Let’s face it; no one wants to read a long-winded email. People are going to skim the email and read what they deem to be necessary. So be simple and straightforward with a call to action and precise wording with your email marketing. Remember: be plain and be direct. 

Make it personal. 

      Try to make your email marketing unique to you by personalizing the content and design of the email itself. You can also make it more personal between you and your customer by personalizing the ‘to’ and ‘from’ email fields. Encourage customer interaction and avoid the “no-reply” prefix in your emails. 

Segment your emails for the best results.

    You have to make sure you’re sending the right emails to the right customers and showing them that you care about them and their relationship with your company. Create lists of which customers should be receiving a particular email and which ones need to be introduced to the product or service first, these can also be newsletters which we discuss in another article

Make your emails mobile-friendly.

     Mobile users account for 50% of all opened emails, and if the email doesn’t open well on a smartphone, then most people will just delete it. Make sure your layout will display well on a smartphone screen and that your email doesn’t include too many links and slow downloading time. 


   These tips are designed to help you improve small tasks here and there to produce a significant turnaround with your customers. Try them out for yourself and adjust your efforts as you learn more about how your customers respond to your email marketing techniques.

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