How a Web Analysis Can Help You

In the era of the digital age, it’s important now more than ever to utilize everything that the web has to offer. However, since there is so much information out there and different ways to incorporate those services into our business, it can get very confusing very fast. 

For this reason, you should be using a web analysis to see how well your website does and where improvements need to be made.

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What Does a Web Analysis Cover?

A web analysis covers a wide range of different systems that your website uses such as SEO, back-links, social, security, performance, and more. It then ranks your results based on an A+ through an F-. It’s almost like being back in school but for your website experience.


This analysis gives you an overall letter grade as well as individual grades for the SEO, usability, links, etc. this way you know exactly what you’ll need to work on in order to get those grades up. In those individual grades, it’ll break it down even further to show you which parts your website does well, and which parts it lacks.


Another cool feature provided to make it easier for you to work with is the recommendations page. This page will prioritize for you which parts you need to focus on now and which ones can wait.


Why Does This Matter?

This web analysis matters because your business is competing with thousands and thousands of other businesses just like yours. You need to be able to give the consumers the best website to navigate and interact with as possible in order to get them coming back. 


You should always keep the question in mind, “Why would a person choose my website/business over the competition?” What does a better website have that you aren’t currently utilizing? This analysis is here to help you understand the answers to this question as well as tell you how you need to do it.

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Reach Out!

If you do the analysis and are still having trouble understanding what to do, then reach out to us and we can help you understand what improvements your website needs in order to stand out from the rest. We’re here to help you and grow your business. That’s why we like sharing these topics with you!

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