Top 5 Marketing Problems and Solutions to them

     If we asked you to list the main issues that marketers face, would you be able to? Some of them are obvious and are even repeated offenses by business owners who might not realize they’re committing them. A few are easy to fix, and others require some patience while you bounce back from the fallout, but none of them are the “be all end all” for your business’s marketing strategy. 

   Here are the most common problems in marketing and solutions. 


Difficulty with Report Interpretation. 

    This problem stems from misunderstandings in the technical side of marketing like SEO and tracking analytics for your company website. If you don’t understand how to interpret the data, you won’t know what needs to be fixed or how to fix it. 

    The solution is straightforward: learn more about how SEO and other analytical tools work and what they can do for you and make sure everyone in your business helps with marketing. 


    This problem can be a significant setback if the departments in charge of sales and marketing don’t communicate effectively. If the sales and marketing departments aren’t exchanging their information, then they won’t be able to create a marketing plan or know if their marketing efforts are working. 

     Solving communication problems in a business comes down to making sure that departments working together on projects check-in with each other and have the means to reach out. 

Bad Targeting

     If your business isn’t targeting your product or service's best audience, you won’t get the best results from all of your marketing efforts. You could miss out on finding your perfect market segment, and you could end up attracting the wrong customer. 

     Solving an occurrence of lousy targeting is not as easy as the others since it requires a restructuring of how your business has conducted its marketing up to that point. Leverage what you know about the market and what you learned from your attempts to shape your following approach. 

Copying the Wrong Approach

    A ton of businesses will use the tactic for marketing of ‘stalking’ their competitors’ marketing strategies and seeing what they can learn from them. If you replicate another business’s approach, but you don’t do your research to see if it will work for you as well, it could have seismic aftereffects. 

     When researching new marketing approaches, look at segments and platforms that serve similar purposes to your own business and adapt the data you collect to reflect your company best. Your solution for fixing a wrong approach can be fixed or even avoided altogether by ensuring your efforts are geared for your company. 

Not Having a Good Online Presence

     If you don’t have a quality company website, you’re missing out on a critical marketing tool and connecting with customers. But even if you do have one, you might not be getting enough online traffic from your customers. 

    The primary solution would be to improve your search engine optimization skills, which we discussed in a previous [article]. Still, there are other options for improving the traffic on your website. Having some blog or space where your customers can interact with the business directly would show them that you are listening to what they need and have to say about your product or service. You could also try to get more exposure for your business and your website with partnerships and promotions on platforms to reach your target audience better.

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    Marketing issues are common, and they can happen no matter how great at marketing a business is, so don’t worry if you recognize any of the problems we mentioned. These problems can be fixed, and they will be worth your while to look into moving forward. 

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