WhatsUp Businesses? Have You Heard About WhatsApp?

The wait is over, folks!

     In a previous article, we introduced some new e-commerce features launching on a few social media platforms. These were Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and WhatsApp; however, we couldn’t go into much detail about them since we only had the announcement. Well, today, we’re taking a closer look at the new feature coming to the social messaging platform WhatsApp and how it could change the online shopping experience. 

    As a refresher, the announcement revealed that WhatsApp was adding a new way for users to chat with businesses before buying products from them. Now, let’s break down this new line of communication even further. 

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What is this new feature?

    The messaging platform serves as space where users can instantly chat, text, and share social media. As the platform takes its first steps into the e-commerce world, it’s opening up new ways to get in touch with businesses. For example, rather than scrolling through an entire website of products or pages of customer reviews, WhatsApp’s new feature allows users to directly interact with a business in a friendlier way than calling customer service. 

     By tearing down formalities and avoiding the ‘sales pitch’ script behind customer support, customers can get a humanized feel for the company. For example, suppose a customer is thinking about purchasing a product from a business but wants to learn more about them first. In that case, chatting with someone from the company directly is a great start. 


What does this mean for online shopping?

     WhatsApp’s new feature will give customers and businesses a new communication channel for reaching one another and create the potential for new sales. For example, many customers looking to buy something online might hesitate if they don’t feel a connection with the company. With this new feature, businesses can put a human voice to their claims and encourage closer relationships with customers. 

     Businesses can create e-commerce value using WhatsApp to chat with customers expanding their outreach and improve customer service techniques, even though this serves a different purpose to customer service. Allowing customers to engage with your company and learn more about what you offer can improve customer loyalty and provide more immediate sales data.

    Since WhatsApp operates as an alternative communication platform, adding in a new feature to promote e-commerce traffic and improve customer relationships will be very interesting to see pan out. So be on the lookout for the official launch and interest in WhatsApp’s new feature and see if it can benefit you and your business. 


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